Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Temporary Life and Temporary Beauty Traits

It's a skin color which gets faded or get glowed with the atmosphere or some climate changes.
The individual who was loaded with hair end up plainly uncovered or a bare individual begins getting hair development.
Its eyes which may get spectacle after some years or someone get clear eyesight.
It's delicate hands which turn out to be rough and tough after washing utensils.
It's the skin, which gets tan or de-tan as per sun exposure and changes the skin tone.
It's my slim trim shape of a body-Curvy figure which may become fatty and I turn out to be bubbly.
It's my soft and silky foot which progresses toward becoming irony hard that I can able to walk on fire barefoot.
It's my teeth which shine like pearl may start getting cracked.
It's my ear which tunes to awful news rather than great.
It's my tongue which begins talking lie rather than truth.
It's my tallness which leads to lower back pain? Haha......How temporary beauty traits are and how lasting we emphasis on it!!
"Parameters of excellence need to be changed"

Tuesday, May 23, 2017


I just came across a post on Facebook that we can know a person in a few months if we have intuition to learn behavior of her/him.  I  was little bit disagree with this statement. I believe people change his behavior throughout his life. There are so many people which came across in her/his life and their multiple way of behaving, thought processing  may lead to change in our way of behaving and understanding.
 If a person is a friend of someone for a year then though he thinks he understands his friend...it's not a true.
I am just taking an example of engineering, A man studies nearly 40 subjects in engineering and that takes 4 years to understand and we say I know that man very well in a year who studies so many subjects.
There are multiple factors which impact on person's behavior so you can't claim I know him well.Surrounding will change your life.